Lighting manufacturer prompts installation precautions

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The luminaire manufacturer prompts for installation precautions. Mingxingxin Lighting Appliances Co., Ltd. has always been market-oriented, with sincere service as its tenet, constantly strengthening its own construction, with “customer satisfaction, creating a famous brand” as the business policy of the enterprise, and actively producing advanced scientific means to ensure products. Quality, luminaire manufacturing meets user needs. We are dedicated to providing quality and cheap products to our new and old customers. We warmly welcome people of insight from all over the country and would like to go hand in hand with you to create a better tomorrow. Lighting manufacturers "focus on quality, professional manufacturing, and dedicated service" is our corporate purpose, "integrity hospitality, morality and wealth" is our business philosophy. We are willing to serve our customers with * products, and we sincerely welcome new and old customers to come and negotiate with us.
On the basis of the guarantee of the quality of the lighting manufacturing products, the new LED light source has opened up a new reform path for the design of lighting fixtures, which has greatly changed people's lighting concept. The luminaire has more flexibility in the expression of vision, perception and scene. The concept of lighting design has been applied and re-established, and the solar lighting industry will have a larger and broader development space.
Industrial and mining lamps are the general term for the lamps used in the production areas of factories, mines, warehouses and high sheds. In addition to the various lighting lamps used in the normal environment, there are also explosion-proof lamps and anti-corrosion used in special environments. light. Lamp manufacturing can be divided into traditional light source mining lamps (such as sodium lamp mining lamps, mercury lamps, mining lamps, etc.) and LED industrial and mining lamps according to the light source.
Compared with the traditional industrial and mining lamp LED high bay light has great advantages:
LED high bay light shows high RA>70
LED industrial and mining lighting is more efficient and more energy efficient, equivalent to 100W LED high bay light can replace the traditional 250W traditional mining lamp.
Traditional light sources have the disadvantage of high temperature of the lamps, and the lamps can reach temperatures of 200-300 degrees. The LED itself is a cold light source, and the lamp has a low temperature and is safer, and is a cold drive.
The luminaire manufacturing is constantly innovating, and the radiator design of the new fin-type radiator mining lamp is more reasonable, which greatly reduces the weight of the industrial and mining luminaire, and reduces the overall weight of the 80W LED industrial and mining lamp to below 4KG, and can perfectly solve 80. -300WLED mining lamp heat dissipation problem.


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