How to choose LED lights?

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It is inevitable that the decoration of the house is well-received. The shape of the lamp needs to be coordinated with the style and function of the decoration. The style and shape of the lamps are the things that benevolent and wise, and there is no need to say more. This article mainly tells the average consumer how to choose the right luminaire, especially the LED luminaire, which can meet the requirements of the lighting environment and meet the requirements of healthy lighting.
1, LED lights are not as bright as possible
Ordinary consumers are easy to go into a misunderstanding. When a white LED light and a warm LED light are put together, it is considered that the white light is brighter than the warm light, which is mistaken for white light. In fact, in places where we live and stay for a long time, we should use LED lights with 4000K and below color temperature, which can effectively reduce or avoid the impact of blue light on human health, and it is also very important for protecting eyesight. Figure 1 shows the color temperature of 4000K and below very intuitively.
2. Select a lamp with less harmonic content
Harmonics are more professional, and ordinary consumers are not easy to understand. When selecting lamps, they cannot judge the harmonic content more or less. Our AC power is a 50Hz sine wave, but due to the use of a large number of electronic products and other non-linear loads, the current on our power supply or line is not a pure sine wave, which is mixed with waveforms of other frequencies, the higher the harmonic content, The greater the impact. There are many kinds of hazards in harmonics. For users, energy consumption increases, and interference with radio equipment.
How can we easily judge harmonics? You can take a semiconductor radio, close to the LED light. If the radio is louder, it means that the higher the harmonic content of the LED light, the more harmful the radio interference.


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