Customized lighting design requirements for lamps

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To determine the custom design process of the luminaire, first determine which components are composed of the luminaire, which materials to use, and then carefully read the analytic list of the luminaire before making a decision. Including procurement, transportation, quality inspection and storage of raw materials and auxiliary materials; processing of plastic hardware parts; assembly and decoration; supply of tools, tools and energy; maintenance and repair of processing equipment; quality inspection and storage of parts and products Production organization and management. A process is a combination of work that directly transforms the shape, size, or properties of a material into a product that meets technical requirements through various processing equipment. Mingyi Xinte Lighting Xiaobian reminds you that the process is an integral part of the production process, the basic part of the production process, and the most important part.
The custom design rules for lamps and lanterns are reasonable and scientific technical regulations for the processing technology and processing methods involved in the production process, and are written into technical documents. These technical documents are called process procedures. The main forms of process regulations are process lines, process cards, flow charts, inspection cards and instructions.
The main contents of the custom design process of the lamps are as follows: process; parameters of equipment and tools; technical process equipment standards (names of molds and measuring tools); operation methods and process engineering; technical requirements and inspection methods for finished and semi-finished products; And working hours quota; material quality standards and consumption quota; product packaging, storage and transportation methods. The process specification is an important basis for guiding product production and worker operation and ensuring product quality; it is prepared according to national (international) standards, professional standards or local standards, and combined with the specific conditions of the enterprise; it is a specific measure to ensure and improve product quality; An important measure of product quality and the quality of work in all aspects of the production process. However, the process rules are not static. It should reflect the reform and innovation in production in a timely manner. It should be continuously improved and improved with the emergence of new processes, new technologies and new materials.


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